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Test Prep Tutoring Miami

We excel at preparing students for the SAT/PSAT, and ACT and offer engaging programs that help high school students of all grades get into the college of their choice. Our tutors have helped many students score between 1400-1600 on their exams. We provide advanced level strategies to help relieve test day anxiety and help highlight your child’s true academic potential.

We will work with you and your student to customize a test prep package that fits your needs. As an example, we have some students who want to start preparing six months in advance and others that want to study six days before; it all depends on you.

We will perform a full-scale assessment of your student's strengths and weaknesses.

We then develop a custom and individualized plan for your child with the goal of maximizing their scores. Test prep help is always on your schedule, and is designed for your ease and convenience.

We focus on teaching test-taking strategies designed to enhance your student's learning and test-taking style. Detailed reports are always available upon request to help keep you apprised on your student's progress.

The SAT score breakdown as of March 2016 is as follows:

English (200-800 points)

Math (200-800 points)

ACT Tutoring

We aim to help high school sophomores, juniors and seniors get into the college of their choice by helping them achieve higher sores on the ACT exam. We provide advanced learning methods to help relieve common test anxiety by helping your student be prepared and relaxed on test day.

Our team will work with you to customize what an ACT preparation plan. For example, you may have a student that needs more time to prepare or would like to take the test more than once. Whether you want to take months to prepare or just a couple weeks, we are here to help your student achieve their best score possible.

We offer standardized test preparation at your convenience. We understand that there is a lot of work to be done without adding standardized tests into the mix. Our main goal is to better prepare your student for the question format and to learn good time management skills so they do not feel rushed and stressed during the test.

The ACT Standardized Test Breakdown is:

English-75 questions

Measures standard written English and rhetorical comprehension skills.

Mathematics-60 questions

Measures mathematical skills students have learned up to the beginning of 12th grade.

Reading-40 questions

Measures student's reading comprehension abilities.

Science-40 questions

Measures students ability to interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem-solving skills required in the natural sciences.

Optional Writing Test-30 minutes

Measures fundamental writing skills emphasized in high school English courses and entry-level college composition classes.