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Remember when you were inspired by your favorite teacher or subject – inspired to do your best? Here at Miami Tutoring, that’s our goal: to be an inspiration students by building a desire to learn, excel and succeed throughout school and life.

You'll get a personally-matched tutor who is a Florida certified teacher and usually has an advanced degree in the area your child needshelp. In addition, we go to great lengths to train our tutors with a learning methodology that allows them to mentor the student personally. Our tutoring and mentoring methods enhance students learning skills, self confidence, empowers them in their goal setting, and helps them to clarify their values.

We are Miami's best choice for academic coaching, private in-home tutoring and test prep for students from kindergarten through high school. Whether your student needs tutoring for a particular subject such as algebra, foreign language or writing help, or maybe they want to improve their ACT and SAT scores, we can help.

Our personalized approach to tutoring helps us build strong relationships which leads to better grades, increased confidence and a lifelong passion for learning. Our only commitment is to each and every one of our student’s success.

Too often students struggle in school not due to a lack of intelligence but because they lack the motivation and don't possess the proper learning skills. Parents may not have the time to cultivate these qualities. And with overcrowded classrooms, overwhelmed teachers who are unable to devote the dedicated one-on-one attention these students need to thrive. By building enduring relationships and a solid grasp on the learning process, we can help your student excel.

Getting Organized

We start by nurturing organizational skills, working with students to develop a system that works for them so they can find homework, syllabi, class notes and handouts. We encourage them to keep track of documents with specialized planners, folders, notebooks, etc.

Be Prepared

Next, we teach students how to be prepared for and even get themselves ahead in class. Many students begin their homework the day before it’s due, or study for a test the night before. We help students plan and effectively approach academics so they don't fall victim to procrastination.

Learning Comprehension

This crucial last step ensures that students understand a subject and related material. This process involves memory triggers that help students recall key words and facts instantly. More importantly, it further confirms to themselves that they have a thorough grasp of a subject.

We want to develop students who care about their academic performance – to instill a true desire and ability to learn so they no longer need a tutor. Thus, we’re not just helping students pass a test or temporarily boost a grade. We’re teaching study and learning skills

that will follow them throughout their education, career and life.

Private Tutoring

In addition to learning the subject matter, we emphasize the basics of learning including organizational skills, effective note-taking techniques, and written communication. Lasting academic success is not possible without these basic skills, especially in high school and college settings.


Our consistent, one-on-one learning sessions with the same tutor helps o to develop strong relationships with students and their families. This leads to increased student motivation and enhances our ability to develop teaching methods tailored to each individual's needs.


We're most proud when our students achieve academic success on their own. We are proud that in many cases that success began with a tutor. Our extensive network of Miami based tutors includes only experienced Florida instructors with a proven track record and measurable results.