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Offering online tutoring and homework for students in Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, High School, College and more. Are tutors are state Certified.

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After School Tutoring
When you need that extra bit of help with the heavy homework load, we’re here to help! Our after-school tutoring services are designed to give you or your child the edge in every subject.
Home School Tutoring 
When you need some extra help for your home schooled child, we will be there to give them a fresh perspective and offer one-on-one support for any subject!
In Home Tutoring
With our in-home tutoring service, your child can learn in a familiar and comfortable environment while still getting the high-level tutoring help you expect.
Test Prep & Homework Help
High school is a stressful time, but preparing for the SAT or ACT can make it much worse. Our test prep tutoring services will give your child the confidence and  understanding to score higher on these standardized tests.

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With the new novel coronavirus learning has done a big shift and may be difficult for some students to adapt. We are offering online tutoring and we encourage parents to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Students learning in their own environment respond better to learning. The online learning can be done using the same already using with their school.

We are a local tutoring service here to serve all students now with the advantage of the online meetings we can reach many more and easier than ever.

Private Tutoring Services

Our tutors can go wherever you need us. We can meet you in-home, at school, a library or even a nearby park. We believe that a student’s surroundings greatly affect their learning. We serve all of Miami including Miami-dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Next time you searching for math tutor near me or tutoring near me look for our company on google and contact us.

Miami Tutoring Services

We use only research-based methods to support your student and their learning goals. From the early learning basics of reading, writing, and mathematics to understanding complex equations, literature and advanced sciences, our goal is to help your student in understanding and applying these concepts.

Reading Tutors Near Me

From early literacy to reading comprehension, we consult multiple research outlets in order to choose the most effective teaching and tutoring methods. For students with certain reading challenges, we have tutors trained in various methods to focus on reading and comprehension skills. For literature analysis and higher level work, we also teach advanced comprehension strategies.

Writing Tutoring

We understand how important it is for every student to be able to effectively communicate and express their ideas through writing. For our younger students, we work on the basics of handwriting, spelling and letter structure. We then move on to writing sentences, paragraphs, and complete essays. Many students benefit from advanced functioning strategies to improve their writing and better understand the process.

Math Tutoring Near Me

In mathematics, we often find that students struggle due to gaps in basic math skills. We work to identify these gaps and work on increasing your student’s confidence and understanding. For our early learners, it is important that students form a strong understanding of these basic math concepts. From this foundation, they can then start to build computational skills and move on to word problems. As math problems grow in difficulty, students often benefit from advanced functioning strategies combined with traditional math instruction.

Attention Disorders

Some students struggle with hyperactivity and inattention issues which can greatly affect learning and school functioning. We’re here to help your student manage these common difficulties. We support inattention through feedback and self-regulating strategies, and hyperactivity can be managed very effectively through mindfulness techniques. If you are considering medication, we can even collaborate with your pediatrician for a more natural, learning-based approach.

Learning Disabilities

Our tutors provide tailored instruction to your student’s needs as described by their medical evaluations. Sometimes it is necessary to try different methods of teaching until we find what resonates with the student best. This process always includes trial and error and it can take time to build confidence and independence.

On Site Tutoring

We’re Miami Private Tutors, but we are not limited to Miami and we aren’t limited your home. We have tutors throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties and places between. We also provide our services wherever your student learns best. We have tutored in private schools, public settings, and medical settings with students that have long-term health issues. We are always open to tailoring our tutoring to your specific needs.

Test Prep Tutors

If you need help preparing for a standardized test, we can help your student be better prepared. Our tutors can help your student with the formatting, sample questions, answer structuring and time management. These tests are critical to college application, and we will do everything we can to make sure you are confident and calm when test day arrives.

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Our Process

Phone Consultation

This is your chance to speak to us directly so we can assess your child’s school history, grades and challenges, as well as your vision and goals in hiring a tutor. We want to get to know you and what you expect out of the relationship.

Tutor Match

After our call, we will then consult with our team to find the best tutor to compliment your child’s individual needs and learning style. We take into consideration age, learning challenges, personality, and overall academic goals. We will then match you with a Florida state-certified tutor where we can begin planning your child’s tutoring strategy.

Student Assessment

We will then do a student assessment to review your child’s academic standing so we can get a better idea of their individual needs as well as setting goals for the tutoring plan. Evaluation will vary depending on the tutor and individual student.

Structure a Learning Plan

We always use the best evidence-based methods to develop an individualized learning plan. We will track progress and always keep a close watch on how well the student is maintaining the information on their own.

Check-In and Adjustments

Periodically, we will check in on the overall progress and determine if any adjustments need to be made. Consultation is available at any time if you or the child need to address any specific changes to the tutoring plan. We’re happy to answer any questions and we want to do everything possible to help your student succeed.

Adjustment and fine-tuning

Academic Goals

One your student has achieved the academic level desired from tutoring, you will begin to see changes. Increased self-confidence, a better outlook on school and better comprehension of more advanced subjects. We not only teach your child the material, we teach them how to learn.

Collaborated Learning

At any point, we can supply an assessment of your student’s progress in tutoring. We understand that there may be other factors to your student’s learning, and we are happy to collaborate and share information with school officials, or teachers to better help the student reach their goals.

Student Success

We believe that learning is a collaborated effort. Our tutors strive to make each session as productive as possible while maintaining the individual approach that best suits each student. We will work closely with parents and teachers to make sure the stated outcomes are being achieved, so each student can be successful in their academic careers. We believe that with the right help, your student can overcome any obstacles and achieve success.